Appel à contributions : European Travel Writing and the Romantic Far North 1800-1900

La Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study lance un appel à contributions (date limite le 1er novembre 2014) :

“Proposals are invited for participation in a stream focusing on European travel writing, with a focus on the Romantic North and how it was rediscovered though Romantic Historicism, antiquarianism and traveling European practitioners of science, the so-called “Men of Science” 1800-1900.

Possible paths of inquiry include, but are not limited to, how polymath travelers and expeditions pursued antiquarian interests alongside scientific interests ; how traveling European scientists, philologists and “gentlemen scholars” and expeditions represented, constructed and used Nordic cultural heritage ; how these 19th Century travelers combined leisure, pleasure, exploration and the advancement of knowledge ; how these travels had a lasting impact on the formation of cultural memory and the making of Nordic cultural heritage in the Romantic Far North ; and gendered connotations of these constructs.

The stream is furthermore interested in how foreign travel literature played a distinct role in affecting the tenor of 19th-century thought and left an indelible mark on science, literature and art. The stream thereby proposes that cultural transfer does not only take place between national entities, but that these entities themselves take shape and are articulated as self-images and the cultural memory and visual culture of a nation as a result of transferral processes between societies. The stream is aligned with the network European Travel Writing to the Romantic Far North 1800-1900 and the Study Platform of Interlocking Nationalisms (SPIN) and the Department of European Studies at the University of Amsterdam.

For questions and more information about the stream, please contact Dr. Kim Simonsen,

Submit all proposals as 300 word abstracts in response to the stream directly to the SASS conference organizers at by November 1, 2014.”

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