Geographies of Knowledge and Imagination

Posterentwurf digitalOrganized by Joachim Grage (Freiburg) and Thomas Mohnike (Strasbourg) at the Freiburg Institut of Advances Studies (FRIAS) in Cooperation with University of Strasbourg Institute for Advanced Studies (USIAS) 11-12 june 2015 .


Thursday, 11/06/15

9h00     Welcome

9h30     Lars Erik Zeige (Berlin):
Northern Europe in Linguistic Maps

10h30   coffee

11h       Alderik Blom (Oxford):
Rasmus Rask in St Petersburg

12h       Kim Simonsen (Amsterdam):
Paper Monuments of the North. The Royal Society of Northern Antiquaries and Carl Christian Rafn’s letters

13h       lunch (FRIAS)

14h30   Jürg Glauser (Basel/Zürich):
From Iceland to Thule. Andreas Heusler’s Journeys to Iceland and the Construction of Nordic ‘Altertumskunde’

15h30   coffee

16h       Laura Muller-Thoma (Strasbourg): Tolkien the Philologuer

17h       Thomas Mohnike (Strasbourg):
Armchair Traveling in Philological Research: Some Thoughts on the Imaginative Geographies of 19th Century Comparative Philology as Narrative Arguments


Friday, 12/06/15

9h          Michael Rießler (Freiburg):
Knowledge and Imagination in Human Zoo Parks: Saami Studies carried out during Ethnological Expositions in Central Europe

10h       coffee

10h30   Lis Møller (Aarhus):
“…und doch hat die Sonne Homers auch über diese Eisberge ihren Glanz”. Mediations of Danish medieval ballads in Wilhelm Carl Grimm’s Altdänische Heldenlieder

11h30   Britta Irslinger (Freiburg):
Brave Heroes and Vicious Goddesses: Philological Research and National Identity in Ireland between 1800–1950

12h30   lunch (Paradies)

14h30   Clarence Glad (Reykjavík):
Anchoring the North. The Geography of North and South in the Construction of Icelandic National Literature

15h30   Joachim Grage (Freiburg):
“The Emerging Discipline of the Future”. The North in 19th Century Comparative Literature

16h30   coffee

17h     Goodbye



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