Nordic Blue Humanities 

This project wishes to investigate the frameworks that can be applied to studying the current issue of climatic change from the perspective of a specifically Nordic environment. This project wishes to gather a panel of scholars across disciplines, bringing the School of Humanities and the School of Sciences of the Sorbonne into conversation on the hybrid topic of aesthetic and scientific innovation in environments such as the sea coast, the ocean or atmosphere. It will be placed under the sign of plurality and crisscrossing, including that between science and literature, by launching a thinktank whose ultimate aim will be to unite their forces to address the political decision-makers on the burning issue of ecology. The project wishes to provide a new hybrid approach to the contemporary emergence of critical currents such as ‘Blue Humanities,’ and argues towards a specifically Nordic version that will include a more global take on the Arctic and Baltic fluid environments and movements: ice, foam, atmosphere, drifting, and such. The project invites literature to reconnect with our contemporary society by contributing to a debate that has been a traditional field of scientific research.

The perspective of Nordic literature will bring to the fore the ecological approach of a range of native writers and poets of the Nordic and circumpolar regions, most of them overlooked, among which features a number of women. This in turn will provide the groundwork for a reflection on ecocriticism and ecofeminism that will be part of the critical process towards a Nordic theory of ‘Light Blue Humanities.’

Responsable :

Sylvain Briens, Sorbonne,

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