Séminaire doctoral : La Norvège en recherches

La Norvège en recherches

CUNP, Paris

16th-18th march 2020

Bente Ailin Svendsen (UiO), Sarah Harchaoui (Sorbonne Université) and Frederique Harry (Sorbonne Université)

Norway as a modern Nordic country has become a reference in the fields of politics, economy and environment. Often described as a “model” for the other Europe countries, Norway constitutes moreover a growing research topic in terms of society, language and culture.

 A workshop on those topics will take place in Paris (16th-18th March 2020) in order to investigate Norway as a wide field of research.

This doctoral workshop, coorganized by the CUNP and the Nordic Studies Department (Sorbonne Université) will reunite scholars from European and Norwegian universities who are actively involved in research topics related to Norway. 

The workshop may tackle the following questions (while not being closed to other topics):

–       How do multiculturalism and multiculturality come to expression in the field of humanities (language and linguistic, literature and culture) and social sciences? 

– How do multiculturalism and multiculturality challenge Norway as a “model”?

–       Historiographical overviews and research traditions in the light of the contemporary challenges faced by Norway.

–       Methodological nationalism vs. transnational and transdisciplinary research. The theoretical background: How to reunite different theoretical backgrounds? 

The objectives are diverse:

– gather researchers who have common interests for Norway

– provide insights on ongoing research about Norway 

– discuss specifically research issues scholars might encounter in their research

– provide broader contacts to strengthen the research networks between France and Norway.

The workshop is oriented towards contemporary Norway but has also interest in other topics (such as medieval studies, among others) that can highlight contemporary problematics of research.

All abstracts (in French, English or Nordic languages) must be sent before December 20th 2019 to Frederique.harry@gmail.com and sarah.neslii@gmail.com

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