Summer school : Beyond Horizons

Summer school : Beyond Horizons. Transmitting and Writing New Identities of Minorities and Migrants in Europe

21-26 June 2015
Application deadline: 22 May 2015
(Research) Master and PhD students (Humanities/Social Sciences/ Philosophy)
Dr. Petra Broomans, University of Groningen
Dr. Dagmar Reichardt, University of Groningen
Dr. Jeanette den Toonder, University of Groningen

This summer school will examine the function and meaning of cultural transfer as an important tool to build up sustainable societies. Special attention will be paid to minorities and migrants.

During the introduction, the concepts of cultural transfer as well as the various definitions of ‘minorities’ and ‘migrants’ will be discussed and historically and politically contextualised.

We will then work on the notion of transculturality and introduce its impact on the global, political and cultural sphere. In order to show how transnational, transcultural and hybrid identities are conceived in theory and practice, we will present an Italo-African case study on cross-cultural settings.

Another example is the Canadian multicultural society. We will examine the concept of “écriture migrante” in the francophone province of Québec and in France by studying its characteristics and its development from immigrant writing to transculturality. W e will analyze literary texts in which the characteristics of “écriture migrante” as presented in the introduction are further developed.

We will continue by examining the language loss and revitalisation by minority and indigenous writers. Works of Sámi authors will be examined. Institutional, societal and individual levels will be considered, as well as gender. We will also focus on Swedish migrant authors. Which decisions do they make to participate in the new cultural context, and how is this reflected in their literary works? In the final case study current developments regarding the situation of the Frisian community in the Netherlands will be discussed. Examples from  professional market sectors will be given during the course to illustrate transcultural patterns in daily life.

The students will give presentations on the final day of the summer school.

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